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This page tells you how Independent Living Schemes (ILS) may be able to help you.

Support and advice

The Independent Living Schemes can, if required, support a disabled person with all aspects of managing a Direct Payment. This includes assisting with the paperwork required to account for the way a Direct Payment is used.

Support and advice is also available from the Independent Living Schemes in the following ways:

  • Advertising and Recruitment
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Payroll
  • Training Options
  • Employment Legislation
  • Other queries or information relating to the employment of personal/care assistants and purchase of services

We can advise you on how much you have to budget for and what to pay your personal assistants – we offer a service to do as little or as much as you want us to do.

Your local council should give you enough money to make adequate arrangements to meet your assessed needs, including any legal responsibilities you may have as an employer.

Direct Payments and the Personal Assistance Scheme have the same qualifying criteria.

If you are not funded by City of York Council Community Services, an administration charge is made.

Direct Payments

It is now possible to get money to pay for community care services instead of receiving services arranged by the Community/Social Services Department of local councils. Direct Payments allow disabled people to take more of the decisions that affect their lives and they are designed to support independent living. The local Community/Social Services will need to do a full assessment of a disabled person's needs before deciding if a person qualifies for Direct Payments. The Independent Living Schemes offer independent information and advice on managing direct payments including all aspects of employing your own staff.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Schemes or Direct Payments, should contact the District Manager (see “Contact us”).

Find out more information about Direct Payments

Personal Assistance Scheme

The Personal Assistance Scheme, operated by the Independent Living Schemes, has been running successfully since 1994. This Scheme enables disabled people to recruit and manage their own staff in a way which meets their personal requirements. The Scheme assists with staff recruitment, employment legislation and the payment of wages to Employers' Personal Assistants.

In accessing the support offered by this Scheme, the disabled person retains the status of employer. However, the financial accountability of the Social Care monies remains with the Scheme and not the employer. This Scheme offers an alternative support mechanism to disabled people who may have concerns regarding operating bank accounts and maintaining financial records.

What happens next?

  1. For information about the Independent Living Schemes, please contact the District Manager on 01904 427251.
  2. A Care Needs Assessment by Social Services will determine your eligibility to access the Schemes. A financial assessment will determine any financial contribution you may have to make.
  3. The District Manager can visit you in your own home to explain both Schemes to you, what is involved and the options available to you.
  4. We explain that under the Schemes, the disabled person is the employer and that if you wish, we can act as your Agent. We can support you as little or as much as you choose.
  5. We discuss an action plan. We can:
    • Help you write a job description
    • Support you with advertising
    • Send out application forms (maintaining confidentiality regarding employers)
    • Arrange interviews (available away from the employers' home if requested)
    • Follow up references and arrange for CRB checks, if requested
    • Register you as an employer with Inland Revenue
    • Provide a full payroll service with ongoing information and support
    • Arrange for employers' liability insurance
    • Provide ongoing information, advice and guidance regarding employment legislation
    • Offer administrative support services for contracts of employment, time-sheets and general record keeping

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