With the majority of employers denoting the interview as the most important part of the hiring process, it is important to understand the logistics of the interview.

An interview is simply a meeting, in person or digitally, between an employer and a potential employee, that typically occurs during the final stages of the hiring process.

To make the interview process more efficient, the interview no longer only occurs in person. Today, most interview processes include:

  • Face to Face: This traditional mode of interviewing requires that a face to face interview be conducted with the interviewer and job candidate in the same physical space.
  • Phone: Many companies conduct preliminary interviews over the phone.
  • Skype: To reduce travel costs, Skype interviews, or interviews conducted over an online video chat, have become more prevalent.
  • Panel Interviews: During a panel interview, applicants are interviewed, in person or digitally, by multiple members of a company.

When preparing to interview an applicant, it is also important to consider the style of the interview.