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About us

Our aims at the Independent Living Scheme are to promote and encourage

  • Independence
  • Choice
  • Control over your lifestyle

Independent living means all disabled people having the same freedom, choice, dignity and control as other citizens at home, at work and in the community. It does not necessarily mean living by yourself or fending for yourself. It means rights to practical assistance and support to participate in society and live an ordinary life. Definition of independent living developed by disabled people.

If you would like to arrange and control your own support package, ILS can support you with this.


About York CVS:

York CVS was established in 1939 to 'quicken the spirit of fellowship', bringing the people of York together to provide for those in need.

Today, York CVS is still giving vital support to charities, community groups and social enterprises right across the city. They offer advice and training on everything from grants and funding to starting a charity, managing your finances and marketing your services. And they do this, where they can, absolutely free.

A high level of support, good, well informed staff will help you achieve Independent Living, control and choice.

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