Launching a product is no easy process. It involves a true investment of time and energy, especially because you want the launch to be successful and well-received by your audience. After all, an enormous amount of resources went into creating the product or service, so it deserves a launch to match. From data-driven launches to involving your customers, there are a number of ways to promote your latest product or service.

When announcing new products or features, it is important to have relationships with reporters and know what their areas of interest are. It is better to find one reporter who can do a terrific job sharing your message than to blast your message to hundreds who have no interest at all. Don’t spam your news; match it to the right audience.

A feature or product is big news, to you and your CEO. But for those who don’t work at Facebook, Amazon, Google or Microsoft, you need to let people know why your feature or product was created, the problem it is trying to solve and how it will help someone do something better. Use data from either your own analytics or pay for third-party data that proves you created the feature with intention.

It’s optimal to conduct a rolling launch for new products and features, seeding press and social with pre-announcements and keeping the momentum going throughout the launch and beyond. It’s important not to stop the cycle post-launch, but to continue to sprinkle the message throughout marketing   communications  efforts.